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World Health Day 2022

WORLD HEALTH DAY 2022 April 07, 2022
World Health Day is celebrated globally on April, 07 of every year. This year the theme of World Health day is OUR PLANET, OUR HEALTH. On World Health Day 2022, World Health Organization (WHO) will focus on global attention on urgent actions toward keeping the planet and humans healthy and promote a movement to create such societies which are focused on sustainable well-being.
Climate crisis has become a biggest threat to all the humans around the globe. According to WHO it is estimated that annually more than 13 million deaths around the world due to avoidable environment causes. If we look at the air pollution figures, over 90% of people breathe unhealthy air resulting from burning of fossil fuels. Further more extreme events, water scarcity and land degradation have displaced people and seriously affecting their health. All this is happening because of the decisions that have been taken by the governments and the corporate world in order to enhance the business chains and technological advancement but appropriate measures for clean environment were not been taken in this regard. It is now causing serious threats to the natural life of the planet.
Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the weaknesses in all the areas of society especially health. From pandemic, it got evident that there is a dire need to change our approach towards achieving equitable health systems and for that purpose focus should be on creating sustainable well-being societies. It can be observed that global economic design leads to unequal distribution of wealth, income and power, whereas actually it should be focused towards human wellbeing, equity and ecological sustainability.
Governments should consider ecological stability and human wellbeing as a priority in all decision makings, corporations can also play their part by supporting teleworking when possible. Need of the hour is that legislative action and corporate reforms should be taken on national and international level towards healthy life style, creating sustainable wellbeing societies and support individuals to make healthy choices.