Social Protection Resource Centre

Pakistan Association of Economic Sociology

With a view to enable the academic disciplines of different social sciences, particularly, Sociology and Economics in Pakistan, enrich each other with their original theories and insights, suited to the historical context of Pakistan, Social Protection Resource Centre, [SPRC] is helping establish Pakistan Association of Economic Sociology, [PAES] in collaboration with the leading academics and practitioners from the relevant fields. PAES hosted by SPRC, Islamabad, would provide a physical as well as a virtual space to local and international intellectuals for healthy debate and policy & praxis development in Pakistan.

PAES aims to particularly encourage non-economics social scientists make effective contributions to the theory and practice of social development in Pakistan and elsewhere, endowing Pakistan’s public policy space with a much richer community of social development academics and policy practitioners. As the nature of an Association of Economic Sociology demands that we also invite, as institutional partners, other Associations like that of Economists, Development Economists, Sociologists, Social Sciences, Political Economy, Philosophy, Demography, Anthropology, Cultural Studies etc. we are reaching out to them and welcome them to mutually enrich our work. PAES would be formally launched during the 1st PAES Conference scheduled to be held during the last week of May 2024.

PAES Steering Committee: Dr. Shujat Ali, Dr. Wajid Ranjha, Ms. Shirin Sadozai, Dr. Rubina Zakir, Dr. Safdar Sohail, Mr. Abid Raza, Dr. Mehtab Karim.

For Further Information and Communication
Executive Director: Dr. Safdar Sohail