Social Protection Resource Centre

Sustainable National Social Protection System

The SPRC seeks to ensure that every citizen in Pakistan has access to a decent quality of life and well-being. Against this background, the SPRC highlights that the social protection systems in Pakistan need to undergo a comprehensive transformation. The current social protection system in the country is targeted at the poorest households and poverty alleviation instead of providing social services and security across the life cycle of an individual. The SPRC’s research work on social protection provides even bleaker evidence when it comes to the social protection of persons with severe disabilities. Given the urgency and the severity of the situation, the SPRC took the issue of addressing the vulnerability of people in older age and the plight of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) as a priority.
For this purpose, the SPRC has forged a pro-bono knowledge partnership with the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (MNHSR&C) and the Ministry of Human Rights (MOHR) to make Islamabad a better place to live for the PWDs and the Elderly. Under these knowledge partnerships, the SPRC is developing an integrated Social Protection Policy Framework, which would include Health, Social Welfare, Rights, and Financial Protection Models, for PWDs and the Elderly in Islamabad Capital Territory. The integrated framework would provide a comprehensive vision, strategy, and action plan for the social care and healthcare of PWDS and the elderly. This entails strengthening the legal and institutional frameworks, devising sustainable solutions for expanding the coverage and adequacy of social protection programs, enhancing the coordination and delivery mechanisms, and ensuring the sustainability and accountability of the system.