Social Protection Resource Centre


Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC) was established as a premier think tank, dedicated to work on Social Policy with the realization that the past policy choices and initiatives could not enable the ordinary Pakistanis to reasonably withstand the vulnerability in any social, economic, or humanitarian crisis, including natural disasters.

As these vulnerabilities and shocks, in most of the cases are not naturally occurring, the relevant stakeholders need more holistic, critical debates. SPRC has been designed to generate original, indigenous knowledge on the social questions being faced by Pakistanis and to provide policy advice and practical assistance to society, markets and the governments at all tiers of governance. It works on the whole range of related issues such as Social Protection, Globalization and Regional Integration, Trade, Industry & Investment Policy, Environmental Degradation, Services Sector Development, Competition Policy and Practice, Climate Change, Media Development, Civil Service Reform, Disaster Management and Food Security, among others.
In order to realize its vision to reduce social exclusion in Pakistan and help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in letter and spirit, SPRC seeks to:

  1. Help adopt a consensual Social Policy undergirding the national framework for the provision of adequate social protection to all the citizens of Pakistan as a right
  2. Help retool the existing mechanisms and arrangements of social assistance, social insurance, active labour market programmes, social security regimes and provision of basic social services to grow into a sustainable national social protection system introduced at the national level and administered at the provincial and local levels
  3. Define and measure the unmet, partially-met and poorly-met social protection needs and propose solutions, particularly, with a view to help address the socio-economic challenges faced by the at-risk children and adolescents, older persons, disabled, and unemployed
  4. Help improve the quality of services/provide quality merit-good services for the persons with disabilities and elderly, particularly in Islamabad Capital Territory, as an important component of SPRC work on social health protection
  5. Critically review the role and performance of key state institutions at the national, federal, provincial and local levels in conjunction social mechanisms and processes to make Pakistan a more egalitarian society in the light of our constitutional responsibility and propose the way forward with the goal of making Pakistan a significantly more egalitarian society by 2047
  6. Strength the linkages between the environmental protection and climate change policies with inclusiveness and competitiveness of the economy under a unified policy framework
  7. Examine the role of competition policy and practice and state capacity in enhancing inclusiveness in the country
  8. Critically review the role being played by the active labour market policies and programmes in reducing social exclusion in the country
  9. Leverage the public good work being done by other organizations.


Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC), would act as a genuine not-for-profit thank tank and strive to promote socially pertinent research and share knowledge and expertise with the policy community, policymakers and other stakeholders in social development in Pakistan in order to reduce social exclusion in Pakistan and help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in letter and spirit through improved evidence-based decision making and better social actions.