Social Protection Resource Centre

Agriculture and food security

The SPRC’s work explores the crucial nexus of agriculture and food security in Pakistan. As an agricultural country, Pakistan heavily relies on the agriculture sector as it accounts for almost 23% of the GDP while also employing about 37% of the population. The country must improve the performance of its agricultural sector to ensure livelihood and food security for its growing population.
The SPRC seeks to serve as a platform to provide comprehensive research and knowledge resources to develop an understanding of the intricacies of the agriculture sector in Pakistan. The SPRC knowledge products such as research articles, reports, and analyses delve into Pakistan’s diverse aspects of agricultural development.
The SPRC’s areas of expertise include:
• Climate-smart agriculture
• Agriculture greening to reduce emissions
• Health and environmentally-friendly sustainable agriculture
• Agriculture-Industry linkage
• Agricultural exports and value addition
• Farm labour, gender, and food security
• Productivity issues
• Produce procurement
• Input costs etc.