Social Protection Resource Centre

Green Industrialization Development Collective

The Social Protection Resource Centre has established a Green Industrialization Development Collective, with the mission to help Pakistan reindustrialize under a unified framework of greening and modernization. The goal of this collective is to promote a clean and lean manufacturing sector that can drive Pakistan’s long term, sustainable development.

The GIDC platform is a non-partisan research and development collective that focuses on various aspects of green industrialization. The underlying vision is to foster sustainable solutions for industrialization and economic transformation.

 The transition towards green manufacturing needs to be complemented by clean energy transition as well as sustainability in consumption and production.

 The forum will serve to bring about innovation and research on adopting clean technologies, circular economy and building governance capacity for inter-sectoral synergies for a just transition.

The GIDC membership is open to organizations, institutions and individuals from relevant yet diverse fields including universities, research institutes, environmental organizations, non-profit organizations, professionals in trade and industries and the private sector. We realize that much work is being done individually by many of the institutes. A platform that brings together activities on research and implementation front to one page will provide us all the opportunity to synergize our efforts.

The SPRC invites you to join the GIDC as a member in furthering the vision highlighted above.

To apply for membership in Green Industrialization Development Collective, please provide the below information and submit. For queries about the membership lease reach out to us at gidc@sprc.orgpk.