Social Protection Resource Centre

Competition policy and inclusiveness

The SPRC’s position on competition policy and inclusiveness is about balancing economic growth with social equity. Hence, understanding the dynamics of competition and inclusivity is crucial to achieving this delicate balance. Since competition policy catalyzes economic vitality and fairness, regulatory frameworks and policy measures designed to foster healthy competition among businesses are vital for driving innovation, efficiency, and better choices for consumers.
The SPRC’s work aims to provide insights into how fair competition can be a powerful tool for reducing economic disparities, creating opportunities for diverse businesses, and ensuring that the benefits of growth are widely shared across society; how competition policy can break down barriers to entry, empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and new market entrants; and how companies can embrace inclusive policies, creating workplaces that reflect the diversity of Pakistan and contribute to social cohesion.
The overall objectives of competition policy and inclusiveness work are to:
• Facilitate a competitive landscape, creating an environment where businesses of all sizes can thrive, fostering entrepreneurship and job creation.
• Advocate for fair market practices to enhance consumer welfare, promote choice, and ensure that goods and services are accessible and affordable for all segments of society.
• Encourages policy advocacy and collaboration among stakeholders to shape a competitive landscape that aligns with national development goals while promoting inclusiveness.
• Engage in conversations, share insights, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about how a fair and competitive economy can be a force for positive change.