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Experts Laud Sindh Covid 19 Relief Ordinance, 2020 for recognizing right of unemployment allowance for labour

The Sindh Covid 19 Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020 has for the first time in Pakistan recognized all types of workers, regardless of their mode of employment and accepts the principle of unemployment allowance as a right in a dire situation such as COVID 19. Mr. Karamat Ali from Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) addressed the webinar on the Sindh Covid 19 Emergency Relief Ordinance 2020. The webinar was organized by Pakistan Alliance for Social Protection (PASP) and moderated by Dr. Safdar Sohail, Convenor PASP. Dr. Ikranul Haq from Huzaima and Ikram, Lahore and others spoke on the occasion and leading academics and representatives of civil society organizations, international organizations, think tanks and law practitioners attended the webinar. The session was co-organized by Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC).