Social Protection Resource Centre

SPRC & Telecom Foundation Joint Webinar on Autism, ADHD & SLD Awareness

Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC), a think tank dedicated to promoting universalization of social protection in Pakistan, in this regard joined hands with Telecom Foundation (TF) to mutually collaborate in arranging a Webinar on Autism and to create awareness among school teachers and parents. The focus of the discussion was school-going children having developmental disorders or falling in any category of autism. This is to mention that SPRC signed a memorandum of understanding in Dec 2020 to work towards capacity building of teachers of TF welfare schools. Dr. Zooma Mohiuddin being the president of Telecom foundation highlighted the importance of inclusive education for autistic children and he further committed to opening more schools based on inclusive education in which all the required facilities will be provided regarding special education till 2022.