Social Protection Resource Centre

SPRC Old Age Well-Being Survey

In order to assess the well-being of the older population in Pakistan, the Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC) conducted a survey on Old Age Well-being in major cities of Pakistan. The sample universe was the old age population of Pakistan i.e., those aged 55 years and above. The survey employed cluster sampling, within each city, respondents were profiled according to their economic class i.e., upper class, middle class, and lower class, based on geographical divisions. Within each cluster, Simple Random Sampling (SRS) the technique was used for respondent selection.

The questionnaire for the survey had 12 sections; demographics, socio-economic situation, physical health, mental health, alienation/loneliness, social participation/integration, social assistance, the impact of COVID-19, stereotyping, discrimination and abuse, awareness and enabling environment, and life satisfaction. Based on the OECD Individual Well-being The framework, the SPRC Survey establishes five dimensions i.e., Socio-Economic Status, Health, Dignity & Respect, Independence & Social Protection.

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