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SPRC has grown expertise across the policy cycle. For a think tank working on Social Policy, Evaluation and diagnostic analyses are extremely important to strengthen the empirical foundations of any policy change being recommended through properly designed and executed research methodologies. SPRC established its M&E Unit right from the beginning and has been producing reports based not only on the large data sets available in the country but also on the basis of its own field surveys, case studies, expert inputs and focus group discussions.

SPRC brings out 3 major Reports periodically i.e., SPRC Annual Old Age Well Being in Pakistan Report, SPRC Biennial State of Social Protection in Pakistan Report and SPRC Biennial Pakistan Disability Report. All these Reports are based on fresh empirical work. SPRC organizes its R&D work around the building blocks like Social Policy, Life Cycle Social Protections, Labour, Old Age, Disability, Health Social Protection, Climate Change. To promote better awareness of the policy issues on these subjects, SPRC regularly holds Seminars, Roundtables, Workshops and Conferences. SPRC also has launched its annual Social Protection Conference. SPRC conducts empirical research to inform the policy community in these interactions on its own and/or in collaboration with its partners such as WHO, ILO, GIZ, UNICEF, Telecom Foundation etc.