Social Protection Resource Centre

Resetting Pakistan's Social Protection Regime

SPRC Policy Advisor and Founding Executive Director, Dr. Safdar Sohail joined Tahir Dhindsa for a special talk, discussing prevailing crisis of Food Inflation and Social Protection measures under taken by the government..

The tragic incident of stampede at flour distribution points set by the government, have stirred debate on how severe the inflation crisis is in terms of increasing number of people in need of assistance and the challenge of reaching out to them. Dr. Safdar noted that albeit this incident was a fallout of governance problems, if we were having an adequate social protection regime, then government would not be forced to go for this additional measure of meeting people’s basic needs now.

He acknowledged that free distribution of flour is a timely and good step. But we also need to realize that this is not enough. He stressed upon the need to have a comprehensive social security system in the medium term as Pakistan’s economic situation is becoming more and more precarious.