Social Protection Resource Centre

PASP Inagural Meeting

Pakistan Alliance for Social Protection (PASP) is a multi-stakeholder partnership under the umbrella of the think tank; Social Protecting Resource Center (SPRC) to develop a Framework with active collaboration of Alliance Partners. It was established to help the Government of Pakistan and the Private sector for strengthening the Universal Social Protection System (USPS) in Pakistan. PASP is based on the voluntary collective effort of concerned organizations and leading professionals with no financial or political obligations to its partners. It is comprised of Academics, Civil Society Representatives, businessmen, professionals, Public Servants, Worker’s Representatives and professionals from all walks of life. The minimum we request from the Individual or institutional Alliance Members is to provide us the moral support and provide critical ideas to take the Cause forward. PASP has its own Secretariat and dedicated human resources to expedite the adoption of a Universal Social Protection System in Pakistan.