Social Protection Resource Centre

Need-based Social Protection Index

Realizing the dearth of Social protection intervention whether social assistance, social insurance or social security, Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC) ranks districts of Pakistan based on their social protection need. Social Protection Index (SPI) is first of its kind which combines the measurements of three components of social protection.
Social Assistance: The main objective of this component is poverty reduction; it includes non-cooperation transfer programs. These programs mostly targeted poor and impoverished people suffered with shocks.
Social Insurance: Social insurance is the contributory programs where people make payments to a scheme on regular basis. These schemes cover costs against sudden income loss of individuals and households due to old age, poor health, disability and loss of breadwinner.
Social Security: Objective of social security is to ensure the basic rights and standards of the labors. Labor market initiatives consist of a passive and proactive approach.
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