Social Protection Resource Centre

Discussion II: Disease Burden (Old Age Wellbeing Program)

Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC) is a think tank dedicated to promote universal social protection in Pakistan. SPRC has initiated the advocacy related activities in which SPRC Policy Dialogue Series is a key initiative. This series aims to provide quality and knowledge-based insight of eminent professionals and policy advisors on various issues related to social protection. SPRC has started debate on much ignored issue of social protection for persons of old age and care for people with severe disabilities. In the first episode of the policy dialogue the focus had been placed on the old age welling in Pakistan and the role of federal institution i.e., Employees Old age Benefit Institution (EOBI). In this second episode of the policy dialogue, the focus is based on understanding and discussing the nature of Disease Burden in Pakistan among 55 and older citizens, including their mental health problems. Furthermore, this episode revolved around the assessment of whether our Old Age Benefits and Care practices respond to the actual needs of Old Age Wellbeing, with a view to firm up the future agenda for a significant improvement in the Old Age Wellbeing in Pakistan.