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Climate Change the Cost of Inaction

The climate change induced disasters are worsening socio-economic crisis in Pakistan whereas, the inaction from government and lack of anticipatory planning is increasing the cost of climate change effects. The distress is being felt at national, as well as individual level given, more people are being pushed into poverty. It is necessary that policy makers mainstream climate change adaption into development planning of the country to overcome the challenges posed by climate change.

The 2022 floods and other extreme events, should serve as a call for Robust pre-emptive action without any further delays. It can be done without looking for outward support, through low-cost, and meticulously designed adaptive interventions. Read more about this article

In light of his broad expertise in Economics of Climate Change, Director Research Programmes, Dr. Ajaz Ahmad, wrote about the worrying situation of climate change adaption in Pakistan in DAWN newspaper.