Social Protection Resource Centre

International day for Persons with Disabilities

Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC) collaborated with Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication (MOIT&T) to celebrate the International Day for Disabled Persons, on Thursday, 3rd Dec, 2020, at MOIT&T, Islamabad. The honorable Federal Minister, Mr. Syed Amin ul Haque chaired the event. The event marked the commitment of MOIT&T for taking initiative of introducing the use of technology to empower PWDS in Pakistan. Jazz announced its commitment to fully support the project of providing assistive devices to visually impaired students at Almaktoom Special Education School.  Mr. Syed Amin ul Haque chaired the event himself and announced full support for any such cause.

SPRC also presented the highlights of its report “Pakistan Disability Report 2020”, which using existing data sources illustrates the state of PWDs in Pakistan and the lack of social protection provided to them.