Social Protection Resource Centre

Community Engagement with Persons with Disabilities at Bazeecha Trust

The SPRC team visited “Sunshine Homes” of Bazeecha Trust to spend a day with the women at trust and arranged different recreational activities for them. Realizing the importance of actively engaging in delivering services for vulnerable groups we organized fun and stimulating activities for persons with disabilities.

About Bazeecha Trust
Bazeecha Trust was established post 2005 earthquake in Pakistan and initiated by gathering funds from friends and relatives. Bazeecha Trust provides home to more than a hundred women in different cities of Pakistan.

The trust provides a home to women who have been abused, who have nowhere to go, who are facing some disability and others too. At these centres, Bazeecha Trust not only provides more than satisfactory living conditions (with proper meals), they support the girls in their education, skill development and mental health too.

They have weekly counselling sessions from volunteer psychologists to keep them motivated.  The centre heads try to provide the women living with them the best possible environment. Bazeecha Trust is led by donations from family and friends, like many other organizations are. They have in one of their centres, six paraplegic girls, one who has lost an arm and two facing Down Syndrome