Social Protection Resource Centre

Social Protection Resource Centre

Core Competencies

a. Policy Research
SPRC is pursuing an ambitious research agenda (both policy as well as action research) on various dimensions of social protection including protection against destitution and hunger, protection against unemployment, protection against old age vulnerabilities, protection against sickness and infirmity, and protection against severe disabilities. Our research products triangulate scientific knowledge with field and policy research to generate integrated evidence for targeted policy interventions needed. Some of the research products are meant to enrich the database of social protection in Pakistan and ensure that stakeholders had access to the latest statistical analysis and critical overview on overall wellbeing in the country. The Research Unit now at SPRC Pakistan carries out applied policy research on social protection issues in the context of sustainable development in Pakistan.
b. Public Policy Engagement
SPRC has been designed to assume the role of an effective think tank guiding the policymakers through the state of the art research based on its policy and action research endeavors. Minimum Universal Social Protection (USP) is the conceptual umbrella under which the projects and initiatives are oriented towards specific policy outcomes. The aim is to help sustain outputs and develop SPRC Pakistan as an institutional source of social protection policy in Pakistan. In order to promote good governance, SPRC is aimed at several projects to improve engagement between citizens and government by strengthening citizens’ voice and public accountability in government planning and decision-making.

c. Capacity Building
SPRC Pakistan is aiming for designing, developing and implementing high quality, multi-sector trainings for national and international audiences. They reflect the rich intellectual resource represented by our core staff, fellows’ network and external experts. We own good training facilities including such as case studies, field visits, simulation, publications, documentaries and events.
d. Advocacy Networking and Partnership Building
SPRC works through partnerships with all the stakeholders of developing a Universal Social Protection System (USPS) in Pakistan as an SDG by 2030 to complement their efforts by providing entity improvement support, help retool the existing Schemes, support the institutional reform and re-purposing of organizations and help revamp the dysfunctional legal and institutional infrastructure, giving due importance to the social reality of Pakistan. Apart from carrying out original research, SPRC is active aggregating the policy insights, constructive criticism, innovative national and local solutions, leveraging the debate through Research, Seminars, Collaborative Workshops, international conferences and publication of Journal. Social Protection research and development is highly multi-disciplinary and trained work force in the development and implementation of social protection policies and programs is very limited.

SPRC would strive to fill this gap, through linkages with the academia. SPRC’s networks include:

PASP Partners

Expert Advisory Group & Knowledge Partners (EAG)