Social Protection Resource Centre

Social Protection Resource Centre

What we are?

Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC), is a public good initiative for the promotion of citizens’ right to universal social protection. We aim to work for a “right-based” Universal Social Protection Systems (USPS). It is SPRC’s vision that Pakistan needs to create the USPS to:
1) protect the population against social, economic and natural risks
2) promote the active participation of all population groups in economic growth processes.
3) poverty alleviation and reduction of inequalities

SPRC aims to help expedite the adoption of USPS in Pakistan on its own and in partnership with relevant stakeholders, by producing critical knowledge, advocacy, advisory and capacity building support on various aspects of the process such as conceptualization of a Pakistan specific USPS, address the affordability question, legislative support, institutional capacity building etc.
SPRC is established as a voluntary collective of concerned citizens with no financial, social or political obligations for its Members. It is comprised of Academics, Civil Society Representatives, Businessman, Professional, Public Servants, Worker's Representatives and professionals from all walks of life. The minimum we request from the Individual or institutional Alliance Members is to provide us the moral support and provide critical ideas to take the Cause forward. The Alliance has its own Secretariat and dedicated human resources to expedite the adoption of a Universal Social Protection System in Pakistan through research and advocacy efforts.

What We Aim to Do?

The citizens’ right to USPS is a part of social justice system enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan, both in its Preamble and in its Principles of Policy set out in Articles 37 and 38. The Government of Pakistan (GoP) has also committed to introduce a USPS in Pakistan by 2030 under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SPRC’s vision for USPS envisages “minimum social protection for all”. It will comprise of state aid and work-based contribution to underwrite the provisioning of essential social services, temporary unemployment allowance, basic income support for the long term unemployed and persons with disabilities and a universal pension scheme.
Faced with the dire consequences of Covid-19 pandemic, we remind the Government and the Civil Society that the countries having USPS in place are doing much better than Pakistan. For them, the real question is not that the citizens would be left out; rather it is the quantum of state aid. In our case of Pakistan, the real fear is that the existing arrangements of income support based social protection system and provincial employee’s social security institutions (PESSIs), would leave around 30% of the deserving population at the mercy of random philanthropy. Also, the existing institutions are working in silos. Moreover, the PESSIs manage to register only 5% of the total eligible workers.

Our Vision

Social protection in Pakistan has been made a sub-set of charity-based safety nets such as BISP and Ehsaas. To promote USPS in Pakistan, SPRC aims to provide evidence-based research and support for institutional development, legislative reform and financial support by the State. And we believe, we don't need a Constitutional Amendment to adopt this Vision.


SPRC is committed to the principle of “minimum social protection for all” The Alliance will assist to:
Conceptualize the Universal Social Protection System
Address the issues relating to the question of affordability
Provide legislative support
Build the institutional capacity of the state

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