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Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC) was established as a premier think tank, dedicated to work on Social Policy with the realization that the past policy choices and initiatives could not enable the ordinary Pakistanis to reasonably withstand the vulnerability in any social, economic, or humanitarian crisis, including natural disasters.
As these vulnerabilities and shocks, in most of the cases are not naturally occurring, the relevant stakeholders need more holistic, critical debates. SPRC has been designed to generate original, indigenous knowledge on the social questions being faced by Pakistanis and to provide policy advice and practical assistance to society, markets and the governments at all tiers of governance. It works on the whole range of related issues such as Social Protection, Globalization and Regional Integration, Trade, Industry & Investment Policy, Environmental Degradation, Services Sector Development, Competition Policy and Practice, Climate Change, Media Development, Civil Service Reform, Disaster Management and Food Security, among others.

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Social Protection Resource Centre May 29, 2024

Revolutionizing Food Security in Pakistan

Innovative Agricultural Technologies Revolutionizing Food Security in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities Agriculture Robotic Working In…

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On World Social Justice Day, Feb 20th, let’s celebrate strides towards equality! This year’s theme, “Overcoming Barriers, Unleashing Opportunities,” resonates with the SPRC initiative to craft an Integrated Social Protection Policy Framework for Islamabad. #SocialJusticeDay

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